Anderson cooper the dating outside your race controversy

And surely he can speak about bullying he faced professionally, whether unspoken or blatant, about being a gay man trying to climb up the media ladder. And this isn’t the first time he’s stayed mum while reporting on gay bullying; last year he welcomed Sirdeaner Walker, the amazing mother of Carl Joseph Walker Hoover, who took his own life.If ever there was a time when Anderson Cooper would publicly recognize his own community, it is now.But as Anderson interviews other celebrities and bullying victims, all I can wonder is: How come Anderson isn’t telling us his personal story?Anderson isn’t out publicly, and he’ll tell friends he made that decision so he can objectively report on LGBT issues without publicly having a foot in the debate — as if being white or wealthy or a silver fox prevents him from objectively reporting on anyone with those traits.Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney now joining the calls against it. "Veto of SB-1026 is right." He's against it, so are both U. senators from the state, John Mc Cain and deeply conservative Senator Jeff Flake.

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Being one himself, Anderson unarguably knows what it’s like to feel attacked.Anderson Cooper and his network, like much of the mainstream media, have been responsibly covering the gay teen suicide epidemic for days now.The Coop is even hosting a special town hall special on Friday about the problem.Tim Gunn, in talking about the torment young queer youth face, revealed he attempted suicide.Lance Bass even fessed up to being a former bully himself.