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The largely symbolic action cleared the way for East and West Germany to reunite.

In 1945, the Allied Powers–America, England, France, and the Soviet Union–agreed that defeated Nazi...

Seven years later, the couple would become the youngest president and first lady in American history. On this day in 1918, the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) under the command of General John J.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was born into a prominent New York... Pershing launches its first major offensive operation as an independent army during World War I.

He was spotted when he was 13 and really into surfing.

“Just think about it: Every­one’s done this here for years, why would you be the one that dies? Let’s get you in the tank and see if you like it.” We came to Coney Island to ride go-karts, but the six-foot-two Australian deemed them “too kiddie,” and this ride is closer to the skydiving he had initially suggested we do, anyway.

” I’m being invited into this philosophical consideration by the 19-year-old model Jordan Barrett. Barrett’s managed to escape to the edge of Brooklyn during the whirlwind of Fashion Week — where he’s been bouncing among fittings, shows, and parties — because, well, he’s a male model.

On this day in 1777, the Continental Congress receives a letter from Continental Army General George Washington informing them of the Patriot defeat at Brandywine, Pennsylvania.

On the afternoon of the previous day, British Generals Sir William Howe and Charles Cornwallis had launched a full-scale attack on General George Washington and... Murrow Bridge over Lake Washington opens in Seattle.