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Some large churches provide social events for singles to meet and mingle, such as Holy Trinity Brompton’s monthly “First Friday” gatherings in wine bars around London.

There’s often a large pastoral team available to offer individual counselling and mentoring, practical discipleship and teaching that is pertinent to their lives.

What you can do: ‘Younger people are attracted by the worship culture of large churches,’ says Dr Cartledge. Research suggests megachurches are good at attracting and keeping men because they don't look or feel like traditional churches.’ Large churches have the money, resources and staff to produce a slick and professional worship ‘experience’.

They tend to use high-energy, pop-style worship songs, led by a band with multi-media elements. What you can do: ‘My village church had a mother and toddler group, and lunches for retired people, which is great – but there was nothing for a young, single man.

They also tend to assign members to smaller ‘cell’ groups to allow closer relationships to develop.

These are important for developing friendships and an attachment to the church community.