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Bagans: The thing I really like looking at is the fun I’ve had with Nick and Aaron, and the journey I’ve been on with them.It is the camaraderie, the laughs, the serious moments. And seeing how spirits have changed certain sides of us and made us stronger -- like how I used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic, and Nick was a really shy guy and Aaron was really goofy -- seeing us go through these, what I would call possessions or spiritual channeling, those moments have sculpted us and really built us into who we are today. 4, why did you choose to investigate the “exorcist house” that’s connected to the famous book and movie?I see how it has changed me personally, how it has humbled me, how I stopped provoking demons.I see the advancements in our investigations, in terms of technology, and our better understanding of spirit communication. It is like watching myself grow from a child into a mature adult, in terms of my understanding.Any event dealing with anything spiritual, whether it’s a mass murder in a bedroom or an exorcism where a demon was possessing a boy, share an emotional super-charge.Those events can embed themselves and create an everlasting emotional residue. The question is, “Can that entity that possessed the boy return?

This story sets the foundation for what we went through as well. Some of this has led him to have this vampire quality.

Louis, MO, which was the inspiration for the film, The Exorcist.

The guys' 1-hour special called Ghost Adventures: Up Close and Personal recapped the show’s top moments from the past 7 seasons -- all leading into the 2-hour special on Halloween night when the guys traveled to Transylvania to explore the legend of the “real” Dracula, Vlad the Impaler.

” So I thought that was fascinating, and I found it even more fascinating that a credible investigator claims he was recently attacked in the bedroom. Bram Stoker portrayed him as a vampire, but a lot of people in Romania didn’t like that because Vlad is a very honorable figure in Romanian history who protected the country.

And Father Bowdern’s great niece even validated that investigator’s credibility. We went there to try to decipher why he is a called a vampire and called Dracula, and to get a better understanding of who he is.