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Some people get lucky in the sense that they were already with their significant other before they became ill, but others get the experience of trying to find that special someone while carrying a load of emotional and physical medical baggage around with them every day.If you’re in the dating pool, but need some help, here are five tips to make it less daunting, from people who have been in your shoes.Just as it often takes time for friends and family members to understand what you’re going through, it may also take time for a new romantic partner to “get it,” say Raposo.The reality is that you can’t always control your date’s response to your disclosure.

If we order food, the fact that I have Celiac and will vomit profusely if I eat dairy often leads to conversations about why I can’t eat those things,” says Raposo.

“My instinct has been to put on a brave face and let that be the person people get to know,” she says.

“But since I’ve started being more honest about where I am at during harder times, I’ve been so grateful for the empathy and the support that I’ve found.” When you live with a chronic illness, you have good days and bad days, says Cashel, and it’s important to be honest with yourself about your own limits.

Just remember: you are prepared for this conversation, but they probably are not, and that’s OK.

“They may not have the history or language to ask questions,” says Raposo. They may not say the right things.” While it can sometimes seem easier to put up a front, you might be surprised by the response you get when you’re open with new people about what you’re going through, says Allie Cashel, 25, author of .