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I have seen neither edition, but it seems unlikely that Walker would bring out another edition only one year after the previous, particularly in view of his remarks in the Advertisement regarding his state of health, time of life and the drudgery involved.

Nor can I see why he would entrust it to a Dublin publisher in preference to the consortium responsible for all his other editions.

Other subscribers were Gilbert and Robert Burns, respectively the brother and son of the poet, himself a close friend of Murdoch, who had taught him Latin, French and Mathematics.

This edition was the first in octavo, apparently much cheaper than the previous editions, a saving of 25% to 40% being claimed for the stereotyping process.

In 1762 he was back in London at Drury Lane, five years later again in Dublin, but the following year he removed to Bristol, at which point he quit the stage.

At the beginning of 1769, in partnership with James Usher, he established a school at Kensington Gravel Pits, and although he left his partner after two years it was the arguments of Usher that subsequently persuaded him to convert to Roman Catholicism.

The next edition chronologically was the stereotype.

In May 1758 he married Miss Sybilla Myners (spelled Minors in ' Elocution Walker'), a well-known comic actress, and shortly after went to Dublin for the opening of the Cross Street Theatre.Under ‘DENIGRATE’ it states: ‘In a former edition…’, and it is certainly a direct descendant of the 4th Edition.The following is a list of the Stereotype Editions, including a few not unreasonable assumptions.Contains a supplement of 25 words, including second thoughts on ‘DENIGRATE’, moving the accent from 2nd to 1st syllable, and an afterword (advertisement? Republished New York 1804, Philadelphia 1806, 18, and possibly Dublin 1798 as 3rd Edition.Sevin Seydi’s catalogue refers to both Dublin editions as ‘pirates’, while Rulon-Miller state that the American 1st Edition of 1803 is based on the 3rd Edition of 1798.