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In 2002/03 there were 11,891 suchadmissions; in 2006/07 this had risento 15,955.

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That was about a zestfor living and seeing life from adifferent angle. I get on with women much more than men because I'm an Nottingham / Derby England Rock On 35 Man Seeking Women I am 30 years old and still play with stickers... Well most people who know me think I'm crazy because of my mad sense of humour and I will do anything for a laugh.Another picture showed a child'sexercise book scrawled with thewords: "Dear Diary, today I give up."While Hannah's wrist injuries mayhave been slight, the issue of selfharmamong adolescents is causinggrowing concern in British schools.Scroll down for more New figures show that the number ofchildren admitted to hospital due toinjuries inflicted on themselves hasrisen by a third in five years.

Emo friends emo dating