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The 53-year-old had shown a 'dangerous level of denial' and 'lack of self-control' that could put other teenagers at risk, prosecutors had earlier said.

He described his five-year-old son Jordan as his 'salvation' and said that he has betrayed Jordan's 'amazing mother', Huma Abedin.

However when it emerged in 2013 that Weiner had continued to have sexual contact with women online, his attempt at resurrecting his political career was over.

'There are second acts – no third acts,' Devlin-Brown added.

Weiner said that he understood the prosecutors’ skepticism to whether he had changed. 'I convinced myself that I wasn’t the problem.'He added: 'I’m an addict', referencing how he had seen the qualities in his late brother, Seth, who passed away in 2000 but was unable to recognize them in himself.

The disgraced congressman said that he was going to therapy twice a week and attending meetings every day.