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Penkneth was given to Robert Earl of Mortain by William the Conqueror.Restormel Castle lies north east of Lanlivery churchtown.In 1937, a fine cross was found at Bodwen, near Helman Tor.Lord Robartes of Lanhydrock removed it to his Lanhydrock estate where it was erected in the cemetery.The Saints' Way was used by pilgrims from Ireland on their way to France.In 1990, the walk from Padstow to Fowey was re-enacted as parishioners played the role of the saints. Most of the farms used to be owned by either the Lanhydrock or Pelyn estates but today the farms owned by these estates have been split and sold off to adjoining farms.

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A document dating from 1301 tells of two hermits who lived in the parish.There is a former Bible Christian Chapel at Pennant crossroads.Crosses in Lanlivery Parish In the 19th century two crosses were removed from the parish and taken to Boconnoc.The Holy well of St Brevita or Bryvyth is near the church.Lanlivery Parish once contained a number of chapels: Chapel of St Nicholas at Bodardle (a once powerful domesday manor); Chapel of St Peter at Poldew; of St Chad at Pelyn and another at the 'mansion of La Pyle' (Pill).