Libra and sagittarius dating

There is a cordial, soft quality to your relationship that makes it very pleasant, and these qualities draw many friends and acquaintances to you as well.

Beneath the smooth facade, however, you do have your differences!

Passion diminishes because you only scratch the surface of real communication.

You may sense that you are both holding back your natural intensity.

When you find a mutually comforting level of trust, the gentle, loving breezes that embrace your relationship are impressive.

Libra Sun Sign Compatability Matches The following are sun sign comparisons for Libra the Balance. A basic difference in your personalities is that LIBRA likes to look at both sides of an issue and consider any situation from every angle.

LIBRA makes many more compromises and accommodations for the relationship than ARIES does.

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Having good personal relationships is very important to both of you, and you make harmony and peace in your personal lives a very high priority.Both of you are very social creatures who thrive on interaction with people, cultural activities and conversation.Your match is likely to be a very egalitarian one, for you both want a partner who is an equal and a friend above all else.LIBRA is very considerate, has a strong desire to please GEMINI (or any partner) and will compromise readily; LIBRA always sees numerous possibilities or desirable alternatives, and you both have trouble being decisive or making up your minds sometimes.Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below) There are some similarities between you, and also some significant differences in your temperaments and needs.