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Wedding Bells in Ukraine Economic recess and instability in life make more young women in Ukraine seek marriage in other countries.

Many Ukrainian women confess that they would gladly give up spending 4 nights a week in restaurants dining with different men, to seeing the same (and the only) man by their side every night.

A trustworthy relationship in itself can bring a relieving feeling of stability.

As the services are 100% free for women in most of the marriage companies, there is also very little risk in joining the catalogs for the charming Ukrainian brides.

There are more and more women in Ukraine today whose only goal is to live simple, comfortable and a well-established life.

Since the beginning of 2009, the number of individual men visiting Ukraine from North America, UK and EU, with the purpose of marriage has been growing and has actually doubled.

In their turn, Ukrainian women, being internationally regarded as “perfect” wives and mothers, are more and more interested in marrying men from the West, as these marriages provide better guarantees of security, safety and a comfortable life for themselves and their children. Tough financial situations push these women in becoming more active in making decisions about their personal lives.

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Ukrainian women may be more open to the idea of marrying a foreigner because there is less anti-foreign marriage propaganda than there is in Russia (Russia has a constant media campaign that highlights the problems in marriages of Russian women to foreign men, in order to stop the "genes drain" where the best women leave the country to marry foreigners, similar to the "brain drain" where highly skilled professionals leave the country for better jobs overseas). Ukrainian women are always neat and pretty, for them being attractive is natural, they cannot go out without make-up and decent clothing.

Moreover, they have got an inborn sense of fashion.

I believe that the security of a happy family is the comfort that can provide a girl, is not it?

But the man also has to provide moral comfort and confidence in the future. more about Nastya from Kiev I come from a big family, I have 5 sisters, I am the oldest.