Military dating and pen pal

When we find a letter in our mailbox online or on our street – well, it’s a little thing that means a lot.It feels amazing knowing that we’re sharing that feeling with the men and women who defend us – I hope you take the time to put a big smile on their faces and let them know you’re thinking of them. Heidi Alger is the mother of two low-maintenance, high-energy kids under the age of 10.We find service friends on sites like and let the trading begin!Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, we are sure to let them know how we feel about their service, and share a little small talk about what’s going on in our hometown, too.Star-spangled borders to heart-felt kid-friendly poetry; portraits of soldiers in battle and in homecoming; or just a little small talk about the weather, in crayon, surely bring smiles across the miles.Thinking big when it comes to your military pen pal?Remember how Charlie Brown felt when he checked his mailbox looking for a letter from that little red-headed girl? I’m that mom who tucks a hand-written note in a lunch box, or under a pillow.Nothing would make his day, fill his heart, bring him more click-his-heels happy than a letter. In turn, I’ve found elementary-level poems from my kids written in magic markers in my purse.

Her grandfather, a CW04, served in the Army Security and National Security Agencies during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

And those give me that Charlie Brown kind of euphoria.

That’s how service members feel when they get mail.

And that’s why I have involved my whole family, my “troop”, in connecting with military pen pals both online and old school – via mail.

With tablets, i Pads, laptops and desktops, you can bridge the communication gap around the world and across all time zones.