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He mulls over what he said for a moment, then a burst of energy hits, and he’s sitting upright again, bright-eyed: “But – we want to!” His mother told him not to worry about the house, she’s working on that, but he’s still saving for it. Jalen also has a Go Fund Me donation account online that he’s using to expand his business (the next goal is getting a commercial license and renting a commercial kitchen, which is required to mail his goods to customers) and to support his philanthropic work.If that hasn’t left you convinced that your satisfaction will be guaranteed, imagine Jalen performing a little skit for you, like he did for me: “I have the cookie,” Jalen explains, holding an imaginary cookie in one hand. I don’t even like raisins, and I tried it before, and I was like, ‘This is still hasn’t left you convinced, take it from award-winning photographer and all-around good guy Craig Kohlruss, who got to see and try a real peanut butter cookie made by Jalen (unfortunately, my interview was not during baking hours). I had my doubts, but the kid can bake.” When asked about a secret recipe, Jalen at first says “it’s top secret” (understandable), but then he warms up to sharing. ” Jalen says his cookies, cakes and breads make him “feel happy, smiling …

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Mahan says Jalen came up with the collection drive on his own and that she’s floored by it because “that’s something you can’t teach.” Still, there’s no doubting the positive influence she’s had on her only child.

She says it’s information she wishes someone had taught her as a child, and that she doesn’t want Jalen to have to live “paycheck to paycheck.” She started educating him early, teaching him his first words as an infant.

By the time he was old enough to start school, she says a test showed Jalen was already reading at a second-grade level.

Customers can order Jalen’s baked goods – or a Jalen’s Bakery T-shirt – online at, or by calling 559-492-6175, and Jalen will deliver the goods to your doorstep.

Mahan says the health department approved a number of recipes, including peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies; chocolate and vanilla cakes and cupcakes; and banana nut bread.