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Cutting across all of these is entrenched gender inequality, and damaging social norms that make girls less valued than boys in Nepali society.

Many of the marriages we heard about were arranged—and, often, forced—by girls’ parents, or other family members.

She was trying to cross Samakhusi chowk, a main road of the city on Friday, when she failed to noticed the open drain and was sucked in.

A woman filming the episode can be heard screaming as the teenager disappears underwater.

Usually it refers to a situation where the two spouses have decided themselves to get married, sometimes over the opposition of one or both of their families.

Although different from arranged marriages, love marriages among children are often triggered by the same social and economic factors.

It's a miracle.'The video of Satya's lucky escape went viral and drew extensive media coverage in Nepal prompting PM Sher Bahadur Deuba to order city officials to cover up all open drains in 15 days.

Protective factors, such as access to quality schools and health information and services, remain out of reach for many children.

This is the horrifying moment a schoolgirl crossing a flooded road fell into an open drain - and emerged alive from an underwater sewer 30 yards along the road.

Satya Sapkota, 14, was on her way home from school after heavy rain swamped roads in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We sat with woman and girls who had married as children—in their homes, under trees, in the fields where they were working—and asked them to tell us about how they ended up marrying as children, and why, and how it affected their lives.

We also interviewed family members of married children, educators, health workers, police officers, community leaders, and experts from NGOs working to end child marriage.