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Gluf Arabic is the dialect spoken by those of the Saudi Arabian peninsula and surrounding areas.This includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran.Muslim Contribution to Various Sciences Medicine Mathematics Astronomy Chemistry Historiography Geography Rational Sciences 13.Muslim Contribution to Art and Architecture Painting Calligraphy Music Glass work Pottery Engraving Handicraft Salient features of Islamic Architecture 14.

There are several smaller dialects worthy of mention, including Sudanese Arabic and Shuwa Arabic, though speakers of these dialects is considerably smaller than their larger cousins, mainly because these areas are only remotely connected with the Arabic world.Medieval Arab States Fatimids Zangids Nurids Ayyubids Mamluks 9.Iran Iranian Society on the eve of Islam Emergence and spread of Islam in Iran Development of Islamic Sciences Religious Ideas : Ithna Ashari, Ismailies, Usulis, Babis and Bahais Development of Persian Literature Contribution to Art and Architecture Revolution of 1979 10.Arabs in Spain Conquest of Spain Umayyad rule in Spain Socio – cultural developments in Spain Intellectual, educational and literary development in Spain Art and architecture under Umayyads in Spain Cordova and Grenada Decline of Umayyad rule in Spain 11.Ottoman Empire Establishment of Ottoman Empire Rise of Ottomans Important Ottoman rulers Contribution of Ottomans to various sciences Contribution of Ottomans to art and architecture Decline of Ottoman Empire 12.