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Maltese is the first language of many of the locals here, but English is also an official language here, as Malta was ruled by the British until 1964.

So although English is the language used in workplace and educational settings, you still here people chat away in Maltese all the time.

Thankfully, there is a stellar crew of other students in the same boat as you so you're not alone. You’re moving abroad, away from your friends and family and often have to adapt to different languages and cultures.

But there is always a bright side: going on Erasmus in Malta has definitely made me open my eyes to the world- and as the Maltese proverb says, the world teaches you more than any teacher.

It was a completely new thing."They wanted support from doctors and things like that, and we did that."But the school's hands were tied.

They needed government policy to change and so the Naylor family started campaigning."We met with ministers in the end and actually the minister that was in charge of putting through this new legislation granted [Willa] permission to go to school as a girl," Mrs Naylor said."There has been children in this country that get to be themselves on the weekend and then put on the uniform of the other gender on Monday morning."That's awful.

It’s extremely refreshing to hear the Maltese people speak their own language and have such pride in using it.

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There's also plenty of Irish bars as well if you’re just feeling like having a nice pint.I’ll be honest; the reasons I chose Malta were pretty shallow ones. But as I explored the island, I realised there is so much more to it than that.There’s ancient ruins, a proud history of fighting during World War II, their own unique culture, language and specialities.Although there are ten people to one oven at dinner time which can be hectic at times!There is a pool at the accommodation but no-one uses it yet because it's too cold.