We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. And, in pursuance of that duty, wee doe hereby, in their names, demand of you, that you surrender up into our hands the castle of Belvoire for their use. " For the IRighi Honourable the Comm Utee of Lords and Commons at Gra Titham. As a landlord, he is universally respected by his numerous tenantry, for his benevolence. The sisters and co-heirs of Anthony Wolley, who died a bachelor in 1668, sold the hall and estate to Thomas Statham, after being in the pos- session of this family about thirteen years, it passed to the Rev. which sum it will probably exceed before the whole line is opened. The pauper children are chiefly sent to die cotton-milla.

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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. — The volume now edited will, it is believed, be found to contain a complete topographical history of the principal places of the Peak. And we hope to have no need of a master of fire-works to be sent, haveing with us one very expert; and others, who have done very great service agains^ Bel- voire. 30: S'3 ^ quested of the Commons that Belvoir castle might he delivered up to the Earl, aa] |i S | inheritance, hut the Commons directed three of their members to wait upon the Bd' ^ ^ ^ to acquaint him that there was an urgent necessity that the parliament should rel ^ ^ possession of that place. lie bequeathed his valuable manuscripts, chiefly relating to this county, to the British Museum. Few men, however, have passed a more active, upright and useful life. Chenery, Burgeon* The latter gentleman has dis^yed great taste in building two beautiful cottages in Matlodc Vale, l Adch has induced others to follow his example. Alsop, the hat- manufactory and worsted-mills at Lea, which are in the immediate neighbourhood, not only give employment to a numerous and increasing population, but render the town of great importance in a mercantile view. and daughter of the Rev* William Beresford, of February 18, 1813, aged 6 weeks: and Agnes Maria Ashboum, who died on the 12th day of March, 1820, Arkwright, who died March 16, 1815, aged 4 years.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. THE PEAK GUIDE, CONTAIMNO THE TOPOGRAPHICAL, STATISTICAL, AMD GENERAL HISTORY BUXTON, CHATSWORTH, EDENSOR, CASTLTEON, BAKEWELL, HADDON, MATLOCK, AND CROMFORD; WITH AN INTRODUCTION, GIVING A SUCCINCT ACCOUNT OP THE i TRADE AND MANUFACTURES OF THE COUNTY; AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NOBLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN'S SEATS, AND SEVERAL ROAD SKETCHES; Ornamented with a Map, Plans and East View of Chatst Dorih House, Haddon Hall, Wi Uersley Castle, Bakewell and Matlock Churches, Ancient Monuments and Armorial Bearings. Without entering minutely into picturesque detail, it will lead the traveller to every interesting object, and will direct the man of science or those whose business calls them to this county, to the particular matters of their enquiry. Wee shall now apply our whole endeavours for the reducing of Newarke. *'oi The residence of the Earl of Rutliind at this period appears to have heen at |^| i town house, near Ivy-bridge, in the Strand. He left issue two daughters, Mary, the eldest, married the Rev. We cannot conclude the History of Matlock without noticing a native ardst, who has already arrived to considerable eminence, and bids fair to be unrivalled in her profession. The accompanying engraving is a view of one of them. Leacvoft, is romantically situate on the oppo- site hill to the High Tor. In 1821, the township contained 232 houses, 271 families, and 1242 inhabitants, now increased to about 1 600. Charities, LADY ARMYNE'S ALMSHOUSES.— Dame Mary Armyne, by a codic Q to her will, bearing date 14th August, 1662, gave to the rector or parson of Matlock, county of Derby, for the time b^ng, and to tnree others, a yearly rent charge of £16. out of her manor lands and tenements in Cromford, to be paid quarterly by 40j.

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