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For example, if your pet’s microchip is an AVID chip, the shelter may call AVID directly without looking up to see where the chip is registered, and may likely miss any other registrations.

AVID has the ability to check for other registrations online, but may not necessarily do so.

If my pet gets lost, how will the shelter know to call Found Animals and not AVID?

” A: When your pet is found by a shelter and scanned, the first thing they should do is look up the chip on AAHA’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.

Just enter the pet’s microchip number into the search bar and click “Submit.” The tool will then look at all of the participating databases (ie: Found Animals, AKC, and Home Again, Pet Link, among others) to find out if and where the chip has been registered.

If the chip is registered, the tool will provide the registry’s website and phone number as well as the date the chip was registered or updated.

” A: You can register your pet’s microchip for free in the Found Animals Registry, regardless of the brand of chip.

In this case, they would be able to transfer your pet’s microchip to you directly.

Whether you adopted from a shelter or rescue group, purchased from a breeder, or acquired through a family member or friend, chances are that your pet already has a microchip.

And since you were paying attention while reading “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Microchips,” you already know that a microchip must be registered in a database in order for it to actually work. And even more importantly, what should you do if your pet’s microchip is already registered to the previous owner?

Q: “I don’t have any paperwork that has my pet’s microchip number on it.

How can I re-register the microchip with Found Animals?