Updating server extensions

It is always most effective to use the most up-to-date versions of the Front Page client and the Server Extensions.

Each new release of the Server Extensions is backward compatible with previous Front Page client versions so that it continues to support the client's functionality at each earlier level.

This might not seem like a massive change, but when you try & manually install an extension that has not come from the Safari Extensions Gallery they are greeted with an alert like the below: Now, it’s worth noting that that only seems to happen when you manually try & install an extension.

Trying to open the extension as the user via a script, such as the method detailed previously, opens Safari’s Extension preferences window but no prompt to install the extension.

You can download this program for your language at

You can also find the Server Extensions setup programs on the Front Page 98 CD-ROM, in the folder \Serv Ext.

The stand-alone Server Extensions are installed by running a self extracting executable.This folder contains self extracting setup programs named in the form fp98ext_is a three-letter code for the language of the server extensions.For example, the German Front Page Server Extensions setup program for an Intel x86 series processor is on the Front Page CD-ROM in \Serv Ext\fp98ext_x86_The Front Page client is a separate CD-ROM based setup that includes both the Front Page Server Extensions and the Front Page client.To install from the CD-ROM simply insert the disk into your CD-ROM drive and click on the Front Page 98 option.