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I'm trying to run a simple macro that includes the following code: Application.Goto Reference:="Graph Data Range" where "Graph Data Range" is a range in a hidden sheet.When I run the macro I get the following message: Runtime Error '1004': Method 'Goto' of object '_Application' failed Yet if I unhide the sheet, it runs perfectly well.Is there a solution to this where I can still run the macro and keep the sheet hidden? Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Stop Events: Use Application. You may turn off the automatic calculation using Application.When VB interprets the last line(where we generally sets our objects to Nothing), it will remove the existing reference.

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Hence, turning off events will speed up our VBA code performance.

We rarely fire an event for each cell we're changing via code.

Enable Events to tell VBA processor whether to fire events or not.

For example - See these 2 macros When we save the macro, it is virtually compiled and unlike it's human readable form as we saw in VBE(Visual Basic Editor), keywords(the dark blue words which you cannot use as variable) are saved as three-byte token which are faster to process as machine understand them better and variables, comments and literal strings which are not either keyword or directive are saved "as is".

However VBA compiler tokenizes the word but it does not compress the lines and each line is maintained as is ending with the 'Carriage Return'.