Warrior intimidating shout macro is beau from blessthefall dating lights

This is better than using /castsequence since you can use it successfully for times when you do not have your Lifegiving Gem equipped.

/castrandom Lifegiving Gem, Last Stand # Quick Equip A one button version of the quick equip macro. You can modify this any number of ways for 2H wep and different button combos.

The spell Barkskin reduces damage taken but increases casting speed.

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/cast Heroic Strike /stopcasting /cast Sunder Armor I use the HS/SA one first to get excellent threat, then the revenge/SB to give good mitigation and threat, adding in the other now and then...

;) /castrandom makes a great substitue for the older methods of (not tested) If you do not have a shield equipped, it will equip the one you designate.