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By day, she works as a bike messenger, hustling from destination to destination, utilizing garbage truck roofs and crowded department store floors as shortcuts.

By night, she spends her time skipping out on dates and transforming her Crown Victoria into supercharged yellow taxicab.

She is Sarah Mc Nerney (Brittany Murphy), a young free spirit and daughter of one of Beverly Hills' richest tycoons.

Their marriage meets with great opposition from her snobbish family, especially from her father who wishes she had married her old flame and refined family friend, Peter Prentis (Christian Kane).

Holland's Opus), overachievers (Rock Star) and time-traveling prophets bearing the benevolent message, "Be excellent to each other" (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure).In the letter he writes: "As of the writing of this letter, we still do not know if there will be a season six of our show.Because of this uncertainty, [series creator] John Rogers and I decided to end this season with the episode we had planned to make to end the series, way back when we shot the pilot.His driver's license has been revoked (not that he could ever drive), and now might fight the streets of New York on foot.Continue reading: Taxi Review Like a gift-wrapped tennis racquet, director Stephen Herek's Life or Something Like It reveals most of its secrets with the packaging.