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The predators that hunt them which include African Rock Python, Leopard and Verreaux's Eagle would be considered a special sighting on a Pilanesberg safari.

× This is the main access road from Kwa Maritane Lodge and can often reveal some very rewarding sightings of Lion and Elephant.

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Do you think that Mari would stoop so low to get back at Hazel E by going after her “man?Even up here one can see Zebra, Leopard and Elephant, as well as a pair of Klipspringer antelope, who are often seen with their young on the boulder tops during a safari in Pilanesberg.× Around the inner ring of the complex, the grasses are more unpalatable on this side so animals can sometimes be very scarce.× A short loop which takes one close to Mankwe Dam on a safari in Pilanesberg.Aquatic birds, Crocodiles and Hippopotamus are generally present here and early mornings can often provide sightings of predators on a Pilanesberg safari.